Boot Construction

How are they made?

Workmaster™ boots are manufactured at our automated state of the art footwear factory based in Reigate (in the United Kingdom). The injection moulding manufacturing process guarantees a seamless leak-free construction. This modern high-volume production facility enables the manufacture of different types and styles of boots within the same operating run, giving the flexibility to meet rapidly changing market demands.

All our boots are REACH compliant and both boots and insoles are machine washable at up to 40℃ with a shelf life in excess of 10 years.

Boot Features

  1. Slip-resistant vulcanised rubber sole
  2. Steel toe cap
  3. Stainless steel mid-sole
  4. Comfort insole
  5. Cushioned heel
  6. Kick-off lug
  7. Adjustable height
  8. Single piece injection moulded construction
  9. Non-wicking polyester lining

Not all features are present on all boots - please check the product page for the specific boot you are interested in.

Benefits of a Vulcanised Rubber Sole

Over 30% of industrial accidents result from slips, trips and falls - as Workmaster™ boots are frequently used in environments where there are liquids present a slip resistant sole is crucial, which is why we fit a high-performance vulcanised rubber sole to our boots.

This provides a number of important benefits:

  • Slip resistance is twice that required by EN 13287 SRA and SATRA TM144 standards
  • Grip is 30% better than with a conventional safety boot sole
  • Wear resistance is two to three times that of conventional soles
  • The sole is resistant to fuel and oil
  • Greater cut resistance than conventional soles
  • Resistant to hot contact for 60 seconds at 300℃
  • Cold insulation

Our Compounds

We have six compound families we use in our Workmaster™ boots that enable us to provide solutions for a wide range of industries and applications:

  • Hazmax™ Widely used and highly effective chemical protection
  • Dielectric Protection for high voltage workers
  • Cryotuff Extremely durable providing protection against oils, common cleaning agents and solvents
  • Cryolite Lightweight and environmentally friendly with excellent low temperature performance
  • ISOTEC Heat and flame resistant
  • Solestar A cost effective PVC based compound for general purpose footwear