High Voltage Testing

Respirex tests every pair of dielectric boots to the methods in the EN 50321:2000 Class 0 and pr.EN 50321:2016 Class 2 standard during manufacture. Part of this test method, the ‘Proof Voltage Test’ should be performed annually (or at the interval defined in local national standards if this is different), once the boots are in service, along with a daily visual inspection of the boots. 

Respirex have invested in an automated dielectric boot test machine, capable of testing four pair of boots simultaneously, while an additional four pairs are being loaded/unloaded ready for testing. This testing capacity ensures that every single dielectric boot supplied by Respirex is fully tested. It also allows us to offer a re-testing service for our customers. For further details on dielectric testing, click here.

Chemical Permeation Testing

Permeation is the process by which a chemical moves through a material (in this case a boot) on a molecular level. The resistance of a given material to permeation by hazardous liquid and gaseous chemicals is defined by the permeation rate of the chemical through the material and the breakthrough time (the time at which the test chemical is first detected). This information is critical in the safe selection of chemical resistant footwear and this is why we extensively test our boots at our own independent chemical permeation testing laboratory in Redhill.

To conduct a test the protective footwear material specimen is placed in a test cell where it acts as a partition between one chamber of a the cell, which contains the test chemical, and another chamber, which contains the collection medium. The outer surface of the material is exposed to the test chemical. The inner surface of the material is monitored analytically to determine the amount of chemical (if any) permeating the material.

Mechanical Testing

We test every element of or boots to ensure their safety, performance and comfort. Some testing is carried out at our factory wile some is undertaken for us at specialist testing laboratories.