Dielectric Boots

Electrically Insulating Boots for High Voltage Workers

Dielectric boots are electrically insulating and used where there is a risk of electric shock from high voltages. Without the the correct PPE a high voltage electric current can stop the heart or produce fatal burns. For this reason, every single pair of Workmaster™ Dielectric Boots undergoes a high voltage test before it leaves the factory.

Dielectric boots are used for working on live high-voltage power or in the area of live power, as current can jump large distances, especially in wet or damp conditions. Even when high voltage equipment has been switched off, there may be a residual charge on the equipment which could cause an injury. There have also been fatalities caused by digging in locations where power cables are buried underground and the cable has been inadvertently cut by a drill, shovel or mole.

For details on how we test our boots click here.

  • Dielectric HV3+ Boots

    Dielectric HV3+ Boots

    A Class 3 AC (EN 50321-1:2018) electrically insulating dielectric boot with an integral steel toe cap.

  • Dielectric HV3 Maxi Overboots

    Dielectric HV3 Maxi Overboots

    An electrically insulating dielectric overboot approved to current European standards. The Respirex dielectric boot provides protection of up to 30kV over the complete boot for over three minutes.

  • Dielectric Boots

    Dielectric Boots

    A Class 2 electrically insulating dielectric boot providing protection at up to 20kV.

  • Dielectric Compact Overboot

    Dielectric Compact Overboot

    An electrically insulating dielectric overboot providing high voltage protection of up to 20kV

  • Dielectric Maxi Overboot

    Dielectric Maxi Overboot

    A front opening electrically insulating dielectric overboot

  • Foodmax LV

    Foodmax LV

    Designed for abattoir use the Foodmax LV protects workers in areas where electrical stunning equipment is used.

  • Dielectric N Boot

    Dielectric N Boot

    A Class 0 electrically insulating dielectric boot with an integral steel toe cap and Nitrile/PVC sole.