Cryotuff Boots

Cryotuff boots combine a highly durable cut and puncture resistant upper with a blown mid-sole. The cut resistant upper extends the working life of the boot when used in applications like mining, construction or food processing where the boots regularly brush up against sharp rocks, rubble or hard metal edges. The blown mid-sole significantly reduces weight and improves cushion (and therefor comfort).

  • Foodmax Maxi Overboot

    Foodmax Maxi Overboot

    Designed to be resistant to the chemicals used in the food processing industry, the Foodmax overboot features a vulcanised rubber sole for superior slip resistance and is designed to be worn over safety boots.

  • Foodmax Compact Overboots

    Foodmax Compact Overboots

    A chemically protective front-opening overboot with a slip resistant sole designed to be worn over safety trainers

  • Foodmax LV

    Foodmax LV

    Designed for abattoir use the Foodmax LV protects workers in areas where electrical stunning equipment is used.

  • FoodMax


    A cut resistant boot for the food industry with excellent low temperature performance, slip resistance and suer comfort

  • TaskPro


    A highly durable S5 safety boot that combines excellent user comfort with low temperature performance