Footwear for the mining industry needs to combine all-day comfort with safety for the wearer and be highly durable.  The toecaps and midsoles fitted to S5 safety boots provide protection from falling objects, crushing and penetration of sharp objects or shards through the sole. In addition our Taskpro boots provide cut protection to EN388 Class 4 (the highest performance class) on the upper providing additional protection for the wearer and helping to extend the boots life in harsh environments. 

Cryotuff Boots

  • TaskPro


    A highly durable S5 safety boot that combines excellent user comfort with low temperature performance

Solestar Boots

  • Digger Boot S5

    Digger Boot S5

    An S5 safety boot designed specifically to resist cutting and wear of the sole through repetitive use with spades and forks

  • Solestar S5

    Solestar S5

    A cost effective S5 safety boot for general use