For hazardous or aggressive chemicals our Hazmax™ range of boots offer unrivalled chemical protection in an S5 safety boot or OB antistatic overboot. Permeation data is available for over 100 common industrial chemicals. 

For industrial applications antistatic footwear is desirable and some applications may require specialist electro-static discharge footwear. This needs to be combined with wearer comfort and safety with S4 or S5 protection.

Cryotuff Boots

  • TaskPro


    A highly durable S5 safety boot that combines excellent user comfort with low temperature performance

Dielectric Boots

  • Dielectric N Boot

    Dielectric N Boot

    A Class 0 electrically insulating dielectric boot with an integral steel toe cap and Nitrile/PVC sole.

Hazmax Chemical Boots

  • Hazmax™ Maxi Chemical Overboots

    Hazmax™ Maxi Chemical Overboots

    Chemically protective anti-static overboot with a vulcanized rubber sole and unique 'rear-entry' design for quick donning over conventional safety boots.

  • Hazmax™ YS

    Hazmax™ YS

    A chemically protective anti-static safety boot with an integral steel toe cap and penetration resistant midsole. Boot Shaft

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Solestar Boots

  • Digger Boot S5

    Digger Boot S5

    An S5 safety boot designed specifically to resist cutting and wear of the sole through repetitive use with spades and forks

  • Solestar ESD

    Solestar ESD

    A high performance Electro-Static Discharge safety boot

  • Solestar S5

    Solestar S5

    A cost effective S5 safety boot for general use