Fire & Emergency

Fire & Rescue, Military & CBRN

Designed for demanding situations with potential exposure to hazardous chemicals, warfare agents or biological hazards, our Hazmax™ S5 safety boot has proved itself time and again with emergency responders and military units the world over. 

Hazmax Chemical Boots

  • Hazmax™ Boot

    Hazmax™ Boot

    Chemically protective safety boot to EN 13832

  • Hazmax™ ESD

    Hazmax™ ESD

    Chemically protective S5 Safety boot to EN 13832 for Electro-Static Discharge (ESD) areas

  • Hazmax™ ESD Chemical Compact Overboot

    Hazmax™ ESD Chemical Compact Overboot

    A chemically protective ESD front-opening overboot with a slip resistant sole.

  • Hazmax™ FPA

    Hazmax™ FPA

    A heat resistant version of the Hazmax boot conforming to the EN15090 fire boot standard for flame resistance, radiant heat and heat insulation of the sole

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