Our Farmlite and Taskpro boots are designed to provide superior wearer comfort with excellent thermal insulation properties, remaining supple at low temperatures to ensure they remain comfortable whatever the weather. Fitted with an anti-clogging vulcanized rubber sole these boots provide superior slip resistance in wet or muddy conditions.

Cryolite Boots

  • Farmlite +

    Farmlite +

    A lightweight boot for the farming and agricultural industries, designed for wearer comfort, superior grip and low temperature performance.

Solestar Boots

  • Digger Boot S5

    Digger Boot S5

    An S5 safety boot designed specifically to resist cutting and wear of the sole through repetitive use with spades and forks

Cryotuff Boots

  • TaskPro


    A highly durable S5 safety boot that combines excellent user comfort with low temperature performance