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Cryotuff Boots
Extremely durable providing protection against oils, common cleaning agents and solvents

Cryotuff boots combine a highly durable cut and puncture resistant upper with a blown mid-sole. The cut resistant upper extends the working life of the boot when used in applications like mining, construction or food processing where the boots regularly brush up against sharp rocks, rubble or hard metal edges. The blown mid-sole significantly reduces weight and improves cushion (and therefor comfort).


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Químico Número CAS Cryotuff
ácido acético, glacial 64-19-7 >480mins
acetona 67-64-1 >30mins
acetonitrilo 75-05-8 >60mins
gas amoniaco 7664-41-7 >480mins
disulfuro de carbono 75-15-0 >60mins
gas cloro 7782-50-5 >480mins
diclorobenceno 95-50-1 >420mins
diclorometano 75-09-2 >60mins
dietilamina 109-89-7 >120mins
dimetil formamida 68-12-2 >60mins
etanol 64-17-5 >480mins
etilacetato 141-78-6 >120mins
hexano 110-54-3 >180mins
gas cloruro de hidrógeno 7647-01-0 >480mins
ácido láctico 50-21-5 >480mins
metanol 67-56-1 >240mins
ácido oleico 112-80-1 >420mins
ácido fosfórico 7664-38-2 >480mins
hidróxido de potasio, 40% 1310-58-3 >480mins
hidróxido sódico, 40% 1310-73-2 >480mins
hipoclorito de sodio al 16 % 7681-52-9 >480mins
ácido sulfúrico 96% 7664-93-9 >480mins
tetracloroetileno 127-18-4 >120mins

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