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Foodmax Maxi Overboots

Designed to be resistant to the chemicals used in the food processing industry, the Foodmax overboot features a vulcanised rubber sole for superior slip resistance and is designed to be worn over safety boots.

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Product Features

  • Ingenious rear entry design ensures the boot is quick and easy to fit and remove
  • Ideal for personnel who continually move back and forth from clean, dry indoor areas to outdoors
  • Single piece injection moulded construction with integral moulded fastener ensures there are no seams or mounting/fastener holes to leak
  • No metal fasteners or components used in the construction, removing the potential for chemical corrosion
  • Chemically resistant boot certified to EN 13832-3:2018 (Footwear protecting against chemicals)
  • Resistant to chemicals commonly used in the food processing industry
  • Superb low temperature flexibility down to -40°C 
  • Fuel and oil resistant sole
  • Vulcanized rubber sole for greatly improved slip resistance in wet and oily conditions (SRC)
  • Durable, cut-resistant vulcanised rubber sole, significantly extends working life, even in harsh terrain
  • Heat resistant sole EN 20347:2012 HRO, 60 seconds at 300°C 
  • Antistatic - Electrical resistance meets the requirements of EN ISO 20347:2012 A (0.1MΩ to 1,000MΩ) 
  • Seamless construction 
  • Kick-off lug
  • CE marked with date and year of manufacture
  • REACH Compliant
  • Machine washable at up to 40°C 
  • Shelf life of over 10 years

CRYOTUFF Permeation Data


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Search by chemical name or CAS number:
Chemical CAS Number Breakthrough times
acetic acid, glacial 64-19-7 >480mins
acetone 67-64-1 >30mins
acetonitrile 75-05-8 >60mins
ammonia gas 7664-41-7 >480mins
carbon disulphide 75-15-0 >60mins
chlorine gas 7782-50-5 >480mins
dichlorobenzene 95-50-1 >420mins
dichloromethane 75-09-2 >60mins
diethylamine 109-89-7 >120mins
dimethyl formamide 68-12-2 >60mins
ethanol 64-17-5 >480mins
ethyl acetate 141-78-6 >120mins
hexane 110-54-3 >180mins
hydrogen chloride gas 7647-01-0 >480mins
lactic acid 50-21-5 >480mins
methanol 67-56-1 >240mins
oleic acid 112-80-1 >420mins
phosphoric acid 7664-38-2 >480mins
potassium hydroxide 40% 1310-58-3 >480mins
sodium hydroxide 40% 1310-73-2 >480mins
sodium hypochlorite 16% 7681-52-9 >480mins
sulphuric acid 96% 7664-93-9 >480mins
tetrachloroethylene 127-18-4 >120mins


Chemical Protective Footwear

EN 13832-3: 2018 N,O,P,R

Safety Footwear

EN ISO 20347:2012 - HRO SRC FO

Personal Protective Equipment

PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425


Machine washable at up to 40℃

Shelf life of 10 years


  Medium Large Extra-Large
UK 6 - 8 9 - 11 12 - 14
EU 39 - 42 43 - 45 46 - 49
US 7 - 9 10 - 12 13 - 15

Workmaster™ Maxi Overboots are designed to fit over a standard safety boot.

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Foodmax Maxi Overboots

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