Cryolite Boot Range For The Food Industry

21 August 2020

Food Industry Cryolite Boots by Workmaster

Workers in the food processing industry often have to spend all day on their feet, working in variable temperatures and on slippery surfaces. Working in such conditions requires footwear that is comfortable, lightweight and warm, while providing superior slip resistance. It is these demands which have led us to produce the new exceptionally lightweight compound, Cryolite.


Workmaster™ Cryolite boots offer superb low temperature flexibility, resistance to oil and fats and cold insulation, all while being 30% lighter than conventional boots of the same size. Versions fitted with a vulcanised rubber sole provide greater durability and excellent grip on slippery surfaces, reducing the potential for accidents.

The Cryolite compound is environmentally friendly, with a PVC and halogen free construction. They are also Phthalate free, which are commonly used plasticizers primarily used to soften PVC. This results in a compound which is biodegradable and will degrade in UV light or by natural oxidation or ozonolysis over a number of years.


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